Club Membership

Joining the Club

We’re always happy to welcome new members who share our enjoyment of cycling.  We ask prospective new members to review the information on our Rides page to sign-up to a ride using the Link My Ride application.  Guests and prospective new members are covered under the Club Insurance (3rd party) during this period.  Members are required to have their own insurance, which can be arranged through British Cycling.  While we don’t require members to join British Cycling, we do strongly recommend it.

Membership Options and Costs

The membership options and costs are summarised below.

Trial Rides

FreeJoin up to 2 trial rides before making a decision
Saturday Club Ride (2)
Wear Club Kit
All Club Rides & Events
Member Benefits


£30Applies after first period of membership
All Club Rides & Events
Club Member Benefits
Includes SS Club Jersey

Membership Benefits

Some of the benefits of membership of Walton Velo include:

For further information, on the club or membership, please see the Club FAQ for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Club Kit

Distinctive and Stylish

Walton Velo club kit is supplied by Stolen Goat, with a selection of jerseys, gilet and rain cape based on their “Bodyline” and “Orkaan” ranges.

The jersey is the centre piece of our kit and is paired with items of clothing that are available “off the shelf” or that the majority of members already have.

By pairing the jersey with black shorts and accessories, we aim to create that uniform ‘club look’ at minimal cost, while enabling personal choice in key areas. Further information on the gender specific fits and ordering details are shown below.

As a club, we have a few simple procedures and basic ride etiquette that we try to follow, and ask all Members and Guests to familiarise themselves with these:

Club Ride Format
Each official club run or training ride will have a nominated ride captain.  A ride captain is present not only to direct the ride but also to keep the pace of the group.

Should you find yourself at the front of the group for any reason it immediately becomes your responsibility to keep check on the pace.  If you find this difficult then you should drop back into the bunch.

  1. The ride captain will always suggest that a competent rider stays at the back of the group to ensure that no one gets left behind. Should anyone be struggling with the pace or have mechanical problems this person will be responsible for getting a message to the ride captain.
  2. If a rider finds that the pace is too high, it is suggested that they slowdown in order for the group to become aware. The group will then wait at the next available location for you to catch up.
  3. It generally occurs that the group splits up a bit during uphill climbs due to differing abilities; this is quite acceptable as all riders will regroup at the top. We will also regroup at the bottom of hills to assure that all have made the descent safely.
  4. All riders have their off days, should anyone really feel unable to continue a ride it is important to let the ride captain know in the first instance. Unless the ride is part of a challenge, routes can generally be changed and cut short to get you home as soon as possible.
  5. All members are expected to treat other members how they wish to be treated themselves.
Club Ride Etiquette
As a Cycling Club we want to promote positive relations between all cyclists and cyclists and motorists. On all club runs and training rides we operate specific ride etiquette.  Please read the points below carefully.
  1. As we share the road with other users it is important to be aware of the Highway Code as a cyclist and adhere to it at all times. We do not run RED lights or cycle on the pavement.  Please ask if you are unsure.
  2. We have a ‘No Helmet, No Ride’ policy. You must wear a helmet when riding with Walton Velo.
  3. As a representative of the club we ask all riders NOT to gesture to any other road users in an unfriendly, rude or aggressive way.
  4. Only ride two abreast where the road is wide enough to allow this safely. If you hear the call ‘Car Back’ or ‘Car Front’  the outside rider should get back into single file as quickly as possible to allow the vehicle to pass.  Please pass the call onto the riders near to you.
  5. All litter (punctured inner tubes, gel wrappers and flap jack wrappers) must be disposed of properly.
  6. Do not ride no-handed whilst on a club run.  This can be dangerous to you and other riders.